Hotel Monasterio de San Zoilo

Carrión de Los Condes (Palencia)

During the early years of the reign of Fernando I of Castilla and Leon (1037-1065), the monarch gave Gómez Díaz, one of his most valued courtiers, a small monastery located in his domain of Carrión, as an expression of his appreciation for services rendered. It could not then be foreseen that, over time, it would gradually become one of the most prosperous monasteries in the kingdom…

We’d like to welcome you to the Royal Monastery of San Zoilo in Carrión de los Condes, Palencia, and hope that you enjoy a pleasant, relaxing stay. Get caught up in the monastic life of times gone by, and let yourself experience the history exuding from the walls of this emblematic Monastery.

49 comfortable guest rooms. Most of which are in the former monk’s cells and upper infirmary, located around the upper Cloisters on the second floor, or looking out onto the monastic gardens, formerly used for growing vegetables, fruit and herbs. Whilst other rooms are either on the 1st floor, around a great courtyard which was the former main entrance to the Monastery, or facing out onto the vegetable garden pond, looking west, occupying the former school and seminary classrooms. No two rooms are the same, all feature a different layout and décor.


The Las Vigas Restaurant is open daily and is located in the former gallery of the monastic kitchens, still conserving the original wooden beams. It has a surface area of 183 square metres, offering seating for up to 100 persons. Our Las Vigas Restaurant serves traditional, Castilian cuisine based on local, Palencia-grown produce, so that you can enjoy the real flavour of food. The hotel prides itself on the friendly, efficient and attentive service of its staff, ready to ensure that you enjoy your stay in this special place.


Calle San Zoilo 23
34120 Carrión de los Condes, PALENCIA
Tel: 979880049

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