Hotel Spa Ciudad de Astorga

Astorga (León)

Conveniently located right in the centre of the town of Astorga, at the crossroads between the French Way of St James and the Silver Route (Vía de la Plata), the Hotel Spa Ciudad de Astorga is an elegant blend of past and present, a not-to-be-missed stopping point for pilgrims, offering all the facilities and amenities to ensure that our guests enjoy an excellent stay.

This former Art Nouveau mansion has been converted into an exquisite, contemporary building equipped with all the services required for the comfort and relaxation of our guests. The Ciudad de Astorga is the most contemporary and well-appointed hotel in the town, to make your stay in Astorga a unique experience.

A splendid, modernist building to welcome guests, with comfortable, contemporary rooms and pleasant gardens with views of the cathedral tower.

The hotel features a Spa open to the public, so that guests can relax after a hard day on the Way of St James.

Other Hotel services include:

  • English, German and French spoken
  • Car and bike parking
  • Free Wi-FI throughout the hotel
The Restaurants

A unique, outstanding place to enjoy the very best of our cuisine. Hotel Spa Ciudad de Astorga offers different ambiances, in exceptional spaces, to enjoy a good midday or evening meal, with particular mention of the specialities of the house, rice dishes and beef.

The Aperitivo Tapas&Vinos alehouse and wine bar, is the quintessential place to enjoy tapas in Astorga.
The Chalet de Josele, the à la carte restaurant, offers a select atmosphere set against a backdrop of Art Nouveau, recommended in the Repsol guide.

Whilst the Cenador de los sitios dining room features an eclectic décor with many different antiques, with particular mention of the glass-covered patio, with a bull-fighting atmosphere, the contemporary wine-bar and the rustic style lounge.

A private summer terrace is available for lunches, and translations of the menus are available in English, German, French, Italian and Portuguese.


Calle Los Sitios, 7
24700 Astorga, LEÓN
Tel: +34 987 603 001

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Astorga, located at the crossroads between the French Way of St James and the Silver Route, is an important communication hub for National Roads 120 and 6, through the Madrid – La Coruña highway. Explore Astorga by taking a stroll through its streets, whose layout commenced with the Roman Empire and carried on through the Middle Ages.

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Roman route of Astorga

A guided tour of the town organised by the Tourist Office (prior booking, phone +34 987 618 222, E-mail:, to allow visitors to get a notion of the history of the town. Starting from the Roman Gate, the tour then leads to the Major and Minor Thermal Baths, the Forum, the Ergastulum, which confined slave labourers, part of the ancient sewers, the double moat conceived as a defensive system, part of the first rampart and one of the domus pertaining to wealthy families.

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The Médulas

This spot is of an extraordinary, impressive beauty, being the remains of the largest gold mine that the Romans exploited in the north-east of the peninsula, using a technique known as “ruina montium” (Latin for wrecking of mountains). Today, the Médulas, declared to be a heritage of humanity by the UNESCO in 1998, are noted for their impressive beauty. A beauty that is the fruit of the work of man, the passage of time and the whim of nature.

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